Hadestown at West Herr Auditorium Theatre

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West Herr Auditorium Theatre | Rochester, New York

Welcome to HADESTOWN, where a song can change your luck. Come, on a dreadful journey to the very bowels of the underworld with Rochester Auditorium Theatre in the city of Rochester showing, on the Sunday 19th March 2023, Hadestown! Where the lord of hell, King Hades lives, together with his disturbed wife the Queen of Summer herself, Persephone. Together they dominate the last living space left in all the cosmos, The Factory. Journey with us, as Orpheus drops down into the underworld to reclaim his lost love Eurydice… be watchful young wanderer, for Hades is notorious for not freeing those souls that which have been contracted to him.

Hadestown at Rochester Auditorium Theatre

For a night of wonder and tragedy, visit the Rochester Auditorium Theatre on Sunday 19th March 2023 for the much-admired musical Hadestown. Tickets are in great demand, so buy yours now and avoid frustration. Formed by singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and director Rachel Chavkin, Hadestown blends two mythic legends. Mitchell’s soulful songs and Rachel Chavkin’s lyrical creativity create a world where industry clashes with nature, devotion grapples with doubt and hope fights against fear. ‘Way Down Hadestown’, the deity Hades lords over the underworld, holding all the power without sympathy. His wife, the divinity Persephone, questions the disparities of the lives above and the realm down below. When the mortal Eurydice, the beloved of Orpheus, enters into Hades’ realm, the distraught Orpheus has to follow, believing he can change both their fortunes. The lives of the two mortals and two gods entangle as a bargain is struck. Can two simple humans triumph over the celestial being of Hadestown? Prepare yourself for the enormous story of love, doubt and tunes on Sunday 19th March 2023 at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre with Hadestown. Do not delay and secure your seats now before they are all sold out, you really do not want to miss out on such a magnificent show in theatre.

Hadestown at Rochester Auditorium Theatre

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