Jerry Seinfeld at West Herr Auditorium Theatre

Jerry Seinfeld Tickets

West Herr Auditorium Theatre | Rochester, New York

Maybe you have a Pinterest addiction, or a drink a little too much, or make a habit of being very irrationally mean when you’re hungry. A therapist might want to get to the root of that problem, and figure out a way to get you to quit. A comedian is a comrade though, they will support your habit and tell you their stories of the same struggle. It might not be the healthiest way of dealing with your issues but it sure does make you feel better about whatever is going on.

Jerry Seinfeld at Rochester Auditorium Theatre

It's time for plenty of awe-inspiring comedy entertainment at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre as Jerry Seinfeld brings their hilarious state wide tour to the stage on Friday 2nd June 2023! Make your Friday 100 times funnier as this favorite comedian gets you collapsing in your seat with their killer comedy routine – you will be laughing so hard the whole of Rochester will hear you! Maybe even New York! Jerry Seinfeld is known for full-houses wherever they go and tickets will be rushing out, so make sure you do not wait. Rochester Auditorium Theatre has hosted numerous comedic legends before and tonight will be one of its highlights. It's gonna be the funniest event of June!

Jerry Seinfeld at Rochester Auditorium Theatre

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